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ABOUT Funky Jigs

How we started

Funky Jigs was born out of friendship, brotherhood, and an innate need to create the highest quality tackle and share it with our fishy friends, who now have become part of the Funky Mafia. Tired of paint falling off in the packaging? Tired of sub par tackle when going after behemoth fish? Look no further! Funky Jigs has you covered!


Why Funky Jigs?

Here at Funky Jigs we take pride in our workmanship and provide our customers with the finest jigs on the market. We check every single jig made at Funky Labs for quality control and put them through real world testing. Bottom Line we make bullet proof jigs! Whether you're throwing our jigs at Angry Tuna or bouncing them off wrecks our jigs hold up to the abuse that saltwater and Huge fish deliver on a daily basis!

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